III. Abstract 
The degree work allowed to demonstrate the reality of indigenous languages including Kichwa nothing that the editor of the newspaper lvonne Guzmán trade in one of his articles published on January 23, 2013 states that “this could be the last generation of Kichwa speakers.
The essence and purity of intercultural Kichwa dialect is spoken to demonstrate Indian values. Ecuadorian people have an important role, the rune shimi as the Spaniards called, it is a risk, but it hopes to revitalize and that the constructions empowers its momentum, while the Ecuadorian citizen must assume responsibility for the insertion of the kichwa in their daily living.

There is a clear history of the catalan language of Spanish origin who shined after a process of maturity , this explains the Monks Allask native Spanish researcher who shares his experience facing reality occurred in your country concerning the catalan language.
The development of Kichwa implementation methodology should consider efficient instruments applicable to the original language, is paramount dissemination, promotion and written by telecommunication in the present and in the future. Globalization brings new challenges for which we practice education, as the information technology and communication works the students learning process that teacher propose the use in class technologies, the internet supports maturity of the information society by sending data by digital media content such as: text images, sounds, and videos.
Speakers Kichwa people require posting in their language contents related technological tools to ensure effective teaching and learning, so the development LANGUAGE TEACHING PROGRAM BASIC KICHWA raised TROUGH MOODLE PLATAFORM, applied to the field education.
Globalization crate new changes for education, technology information, so communication assist the students learning process, teachers should propose the application of technologies in the class, for this reason, I propose an educational virtual rise mode with Kichwa and Castilian to facilitate the learning process in order to get participants interest.

- Information-technology and communication
- The multimedia and interactivity
- Moodle learning platform
- Intercultural Kichwa language and Castilian
- Study of the ancestral language, originally
- Scientific research

Result Period 2013 - 2016
More than Two Thousand Visits (2,463) Share Slide Portal KICHWA THESIS IN ICT, which created valuable insurance in cybernauts expectations. fulfilled challenge because He paid positive results since July 2013 that there was no promotion of the use of Kichwa in the ICT Media now to 2016, facebookers and Youtubkeros, and other tools Information Technology and Communication, and apply the mother tongue KICHWA as an alternative $$$ to generate income. My thesis, a grain of sand that brings to my nationality, Kichwa Otavalo

Resultados Período 2013 – 2016

Más de Dos Mil Visitas (2.463) en portal Slide Share TESIS KICHWA EN LAS TICs, que de seguro creó expectativas valiosas en los Cybernautas. Reto cumplido, ya que Rindió frutos positivos desde Julio 2013 que no había fomento del uso de Kichwa en los Medios TICs ahora al 2016, Facebookeros y Youtubkeros, y otras Herramientas de Tecnología de la Información y Comunicación, ya aplican la lengua materna KICHWA como alternativa para GENERAR ingresos $$$. Mi TESIS, Un granito de arena que aporta a mi Nacionalidad, Pueblo Kichwa Otavalo.


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Tesis e learning kichwa - Castellano from Luis Cordova


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